My name is Jasper, I'm 22 years old and have been lifting weights for over 5 years.
When I first started in the gym I didn't really know what I was doing. I just went and goofed around with some equipment, learning how to train properly along the way.
I was very skinny growing up (the year I started lifting I only weighted around 110lbs). 

I decided I wanted to change my appearence for the better and starting lifting weights & taking better care of my diet. After 5 years of experience in & out of the gym I can honestly say I have a pretty good idea on how training & dieting work. I already share my experiences on my YouTube channel but I thought it was time to help more people individually. 

FAZECLAN X alphalete

In 2015 I started working on FaZeFitness, a Youtube channel started by FaZeClan to help their younger audience with fitness & diet. Since that, I've put out hundreds of videos on fitness, form, nutrition etc. to help the FaZeClan audience get in better shape. My mission is to bring fitness to the gaming community and making their members more aware of the importance of a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

Currently, I'm working for FaZe as their eSports Fitness & Nutrition Coach and as of October 1st. I also work with Alphalete! Alphalete & FaZeClan support my mission to bring fitness and gaming together!